I’m pleased to share that Agape Editions, an imprint of Sundress Publications, has announced that they will be publishing my full-length collection of poems “In the Crocodile Gardens” in April of 2016. I’ll keep you posted on the sale and pre-sale information.

Please visit the site to discover more about this exciting imprint, about my book, and about the other titles that they’ve announced. I’m really looking forward to this.

In other good news, my poem “O Dervish of the Restless Heart” was recently nominated for an Independent Best American Poetry Award by Zoetic Press’s “NonBinary Review”, and my poem “Gingerbread Girl” was nominated by TheThe Poetry Blog’s “Infoxicated Corner” for The Best of the Net Award. I’m so grateful to these amazing folks for their support of my work.

I’ll post links to the poems, soon.

It’s been a long time since I’ve kept a blog, but it seemed like a good idea to start keeping one, again. This is just a test post. More soon. 🙂 Welcome!

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