Some News

Hi, everyone. I’m trying, once again, to update my website and get it up and running properly. I’ve got some good news, these days that I hope to share:

In the Crocodile Gardens has been nominated for an Elgin Award. If you’re eligible to vote, please consider checking out my collection before you cast your ballots. If you’re not, check out the Science Fiction Poetry Association and discover some new and wonderful works, and learn a bit about it!

My poem “The Key Club” has been nominated by Agape Editions for inclusion in the Bettering American Poetry award anthology. Please do check out the series, and also my poem!

I’ll be reading some poems and meeting people at the New Orleans Poetry Festival this year. If you’re there, please come say hi!

More, soon. I really hope I can get this site up and running properly, very soon! I don’t have any formal training in web design, but I’m enjoying the process of discovering a little a time.

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